Saturday, June 28, 2008

a random paragraph....i saw a mouse caught in a mouse trap! i tot i only see this cartoon but i was wrong....quite disgusting and i think cos of its tail eeewww. okie back to the real stuffs.we are planning to go hiking down the grand canyon to the colorado river. there are trails for hikers to use and along the way there will be rest stops with water and restrooms. even though 1 day is possible but it's strongly discouraged by the rangers since it's gonna be very physically and mentallu challenging.

there are also some admin stuffs we got to do. a permit have to be applied with each person paying $5 in order to spent the night in the grand canyon. we gotta rent really big bag pack, hiking boots and hiking sticks. we needs lots of water and salty stuffs to replenish the salts that we lose. in short, we need to bring loads of stuffs! people who come to grand canyon usually will either go sightseeing or hiking down the trails. there are 5 trails we can use.

1) the rim trail (easiest)
2) bright angel trail (most popular)
3) south kaibab trail
4) north kaibab trail
5) hermit trail

mental attitude, adequate water and food consumption are absolutely essential to the success of any grand canyon hike. the day hiker and the overnight backpacker must be prepared for the lack of water, extreme heat and cold, and the isolation characteristic of the grand canyon.

grand canyon is divided into 2 sections, the south rim and the north rim. the south rim is open throughout the year but the north rim is closed from the first heavy snow in nov or early dec to mid-may. winter conditions can be very extreme therefore the grand canyon gets less vistors at that time. the busiest period is summer when the weather is good and students have their vacations.

AND it's one of the 7 natural wonders in the world (:

6/28/2008 05:51:00 PM

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i suddenly realised there's so many things that i want to do and it is not possible to achieve them all unless i got the whole of my lifetime dedicated to them. i know tt it is not possible at all. one got to work in order to live and work takes up lots of our time preventing us from living our life the way we really want. but for now i'm going to enjoy myself first ! photos coming up again (:

6/18/2008 02:43:00 PM

Saturday, June 14, 2008

it's 9.29am now over here.
i juz gone done with orientation on thurs and fri.
starting work today later.
pretty excited about it.
basic rules, standards and behaviour
weather is still dry, sunny and extreme.
getting slightly used to it though still feeling umcomfy
sunset and sunrise at the grand canyon is really great.
air is really unpolluted with shuttle buses running on CNG.
pace of life is slower, less hectic and much more relaxed.
people are extremely warm, making me feel more at home.
a whole new different environment and culture
both waiting for me to experience them.
i'm happy to get this opportunity (:


6/14/2008 09:28:00 AM

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I've reached my destination !
Weather is cooling but dry and it gets extreme most of the times.
It's freaking cold in the morning and at night.
Now i'm beginning to appreciate Singapore's weather.
Work starts on Thursday and we've been touring ard.
Scenery here is really nice.
People here are really nice and polite.
The culture here is very different from Singapore.
Food here is not really acceptable to me.....
but then i don't have a choice.
There's no chinese food
worse still.....there's no chilli sauce !
Besides this and the weather, everything is going smoothly.
Lots of water is needed ! or else......dehyrations gets in!
It's photos time ! (:

the sun rises at 5.15am super early !

sunset plus a fighter jet passing by...

the yellow american school bus !

caps are really an essentials

hello kitty in taipei airport !

6/11/2008 10:56:00 AM

Monday, June 09, 2008

it's 1.33am in the morning 9th june.
and i'm in the skyharbour airport in phoenix.
was on board on place for about 20 hours.
on the whole EVA airways was quite good
i give it 7 stars out of 10.
the entertainment system is almost comparable to SIA.
and so is the standard of their food yums.
however their air crew was not really friendly and helpful.
for ur info EVA airways is the airline company frm taiwan.
i haven't heard of it prior to this trip too.

waiting for morning to come
so we can take the greyhound bus to flagstaff
after which flagstaff express to our destination
estimated travelling time : 2 days !
frm singapore to taipei then to LA then to pheonix
and i haven't showered for 25 hours eeekss
everything is so far so good for the moment.
thks to those who sent me off !
i appreciate it (:

6/09/2008 01:33:00 AM

Saturday, June 07, 2008

exams has ended !
holiday mood for majoriy of the students.....
really enjoyed my sch life thks to.....
vicky, tiffany, yingqiu, ashikin and many many more !
dozing off in lectures
always in state of panic cos of tt james
eating in the stinking canteen
our favourite ban mian
our yakult vending machine
the not so nice snacks by the school
i love it them all (:
look out for this space on updates abt my states trip
gonna miss everyone and singapore !
especially the yummy food.....drools
thks soo much for everyone's well wishes

6/07/2008 08:51:00 AM

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